Friday 18th Nov 2011 – Dr Xiangyang Ju

Dr Xiangyang Ju – University of Glasgow

3D/4D imaging in facial deformity corrections

Dentofacial deformities are predominantly developmental problems, resulting from either under-development or over-development of either or both jaw bones.  Dentofacial deformities can be associated with some syndromes, e.g. cleft lip and palate or occur in isolation.  The correction of dentofacial deformities is aimed at restoring function and aesthetics.  Management of these groups of patients is multi-disciplining and depends on comprehensive planning using recent advances in image acquisition.

Correcting maxillofacial deformities involves surgical repositioning of the underlying bone and predicting the soft tissue outcome.  A systematic and full evaluation of the patient existing facial characteristics is essential for good surgical planning and a favorable outcome.

Many facial deformities present as three dimensional problems and as such planning needs to include the 3rd dimension.   Three dimensional prediction planning relies on cone beam CT to image the 3D skeletal structure, laser scanning or 3D stereo photogrammetry to capture the facial soft tissue and cone beam CT or laser scanning to image the teeth.  This multi-model imaging modality then needs to be “fused” to allow the production of a “virtual patient”.  Glasgow Dental Hospital and School has this equipment readily available and in routine clinical use.  The research group has succeeded in reconstructing photorealistic digital 3D virtual patients ready for virtual surgery (orthognathic surgery). Further the group is moving towards analyzing 4D facial animation for facial deformity corrections.

School of Computing, Robert Gordon University, St Andrew Street, Aberdeen, Lecture Room C48, 14:15 – 15:15.

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