Friday 23rd Mar 2012 – Dr Vladimir Komendantsky

Dr Vladimir Komendantsky – University of St Andrews

Project preview: Environment for Construction of Parallel Skeletons,
Higher-Order Theorem Proving and Complexity Analysis

Parallel skeletons are higher-order programming specifications for parallel or distributed computations introduced by M. Cole in the 90’s. According to skeletal parallellism, the programmer has to specify parallel control and data flow independently from the concrete implementation of their algorithm, which helps greatly to reduce the complexity of the distributed programming task.

Together with my colleagues from St Andrews, Porto and Orleans, we noticed that there have been no complete attempts to reason about specifications of skeletons, for example, to be able to certify automatically that a skeleton corresponds to a functionally correct refactoring of a sequential program into a parallel one. Therefore we decided to explore this possibility and devise a programming and reasoning environment that would be used by skeleton programmers to explore the meaning of their programs and reduce the number of bugs.

School of Computing, Robert Gordon University, St Andrew Street, Aberdeen, Lecture Room C48, 14:15 – 15:15.

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