Wednesday 28th Mar 2012 – Dr Guillaume Cabanac

Dr Guillaume Cabanac – University of Toulouse, France

Musings at the Crossroads of Digital Libraries, Information Retrieval, and Scientometrics

Digital documents support and shape people’s daily activities. Regarding Computer Science, such documents are the cornerstone of two areas of research: Digital Libraries and Information Retrieval. In this presentation, we discuss the research questions that we addressed in these areas, such as:

* Digital Libraries:
– How to transpose paper-based annotations into digital documents?
– How to measure the social validity of a statement according to the argumentative discussion it sparked off?
– How to harness a quiescent capital present in any organization: its documents?

* Information Retrieval
– Is document tie-breaking affecting the evaluation of Information Retrieval systems?
– How to retrieve documents matching keywords and spatiotemporal constraints?
– Do operators in search queries (e.g., ‘+’, ‘^’) improve the effectiveness of search results?

Each question gives us the opportunity to recall background knowledge, such as how to evaluate the effectiveness of a search engine?

Finally, we discuss some of our works related to Scientometrics, which may be defined as the study of science with scientific methods. We applied techniques of Information Retrieval to documents extracted from scientific Digital Libraries. We plan to introduce our findings to the following questions:
– How to recommend researchers according to their research topics and social clues?
– What is the landscape of research in Information Systems from the perspective of gatekeepers?
– What if submission date influenced the acceptance of conference papers?

Through this journey at the crossroads of Digital Libraries, Information Retrieval, and Scientometrics, we wish to pass on our enthusiasm for these subjects to academics and students alike.

Guillaume Cabanac is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toulouse, France. His published research spans the areas of Digital Libraries, Information Retrieval, and Scientometrics. He also likes teaching Databases and Programming. Cabanac received a grant from the Erasmus Staff Mobility programme for visiting RGU in February 2011. He enjoyed giving a lecture in Dr Wiratunga’s Database course (CM3017) about how to recommend TV series by applying Information Retrieval and Database technologies (Slides: As he was missing the Scottish atmosphere, he is back in March 2012 for teaching, as well as for exchanging about research.

Lecture Slides from the seminar now available.

School of Computing, Robert Gordon University, St Andrew Street, Aberdeen, Lecture Room C48, 13:15 – 14:15.

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