Research Seminars 2013-14 Academic Year

Seminars usually held on Fridays in N204 beginning at 14:10, Riverside East, Garthdee Road, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

Speaker Institution Seminar Date & Room
Dr Helen Hastie Heriot-Watt 30/05/2014, N204
Dr David Flatla Dundee 06/06/2014, N118
Dr Mats Daniels Uppsala University 15/05/2014, N118
Dr Åsa Cajander Uppsala University 13/05/2014, N118
Ewan Stewart Cybercrime (North) 25/04/2014, N242
Dr Marco Gaboardi Dundee 04/04/2014, N204
Prof David Harper Google 02/04/2014, N242
Dr Bruce Graham Stirling 28/03/2014, N204
Prof John Lee Edinburgh 21/03/2014, N108
Prof Chris Williams Edinburgh 14/03/2014, N118
Tiphaine Dalmas Edinburgh 07/03/2014, N204
Prof Phil Trinder Glasgow 28/02/2014, N204
Dr James A. Bednar Edinburgh 07/02/2014, N204
Prof Abbes Amira University of the West of Scotland 29/01/2014, N118
Dr Phil Turner Edinburgh Napier 29/11/2013, N204
Deepak S Padmanabhan IBM India Research Lab 22/11/2013, N118
Dr Jose Alcaraz-Calero University of the West of Scotland 22/11/2013, N118
Dr Per Ola Kristensson St Andrews 15/11/2013, N204
Ashraf Samy Hegab 16/10/2013, N117
Prof Stephen McKenna Dundee 27/09/2013, N204

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