Friday 22nd Nov 2013 – Dr Jose M. Alcaraz Calero

Dr Jose M. Alcaraz Calero – University of the West of Scotland

Recent Advances in Management for Large-Scale Cloud Computing Infrastructures

Nowadays, cloud computing is being really attractive due to the intrinsic benefits in terms of costs and time for the usage of such technology. This talk describes our latest advances achieved in cloud computing infrastructures. So, firstly, an overview of all the architectural components involved in a real cloud computing infrastructure (deployed in the real-world with more than 600 cores) is described in order to provide the assistants a general background in cloud infrastructures. After that, the talk will continue with a description of some research works done over such infrastructure to improve different aspects of management and security in large-scale deployments. Concretely, it will be described a set of novel scalable monitoring architectures that enable the monitoring of both physical and virtual machines in cloud computing scenarios (the first software addressing this problem). These architectures have been deployed successfully more than 30k times in real Virtual Machines to get the empirical results shown in this talk. After that, it will be also a brief description of some other improvement recently achieved in the security plane for cloud computing infrastructures, concretely focused on authorization over cloud users.

Jose M. Alcaraz Calero is Lecturer on Networks at School of Computing, University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. He is IEEE Senior Member. He has published more than 70 articles in journals, magazines, books and conferences in the area of Security and Management for Cloud Computing. In the last years, he has been involved in more than 150 committees in international conferences and journals covering the five continents. Jose M. Alcaraz Calero is Editorial Board Member of journals like Elsevier CEE, IET WSS, ANC and JTMCC. He has been also guest editor for Elsevier FGCS, IEEE TNSM and IEEE Sensors, among others. He is regularly Organizing Committee member in diverse International Conferences such as IEEE TrustCom, ATC, IET WSS, ICGCN, SNDS, NTMS, etc. Jose M. is really active in research projects, especially at European level and he is always open to any research collaboration between institutions. He has been recently ¡involved in 3 big EU projects about the European Digital Passport, Authentication in Federation Domain and Dependability Architectures. His main research interests are Large-scale Data Centres including Automatization, Deployment, Virtualization, Monitoring, Management and Security. He is really interested in any aspect of security in Data and Communications for large-scale Distributed and Federated Architectures, including Authentication, Access Control, Trust, Policy-based Systems & Privacy. More information at and

School of Computing Science & Digital Media, Robert Gordon University, Riverside East, Garthdee, Aberdeen, Conference Room N118, 14:10 – 15:10.


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School of Computing Science and Digital Media, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland
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