Video Recording

The Research Seminars are typically recorded using a two camera setup along with separate audio capture of the presenter. Many of the presenters are quite happy for their talks to be made available publicly online. Some however, prefer the recordings to be distributed privately within the school.

Those that are made available publicly can be seen at the Schools Vimeo channel ( The videos are also embedded within the respective blog post on this site for ease of dissemination, some more recent videos have been made available on the schools YouTube channel.

Those who consent to their talks being recorded are thereby necessitated to sign-off on a photographic release form similar to ( to ensure compliance with the terms of the data protection act 1988. Further information on this may be seen at the Universities film, photography & data protection page (

Editing & Render Settings

The footage is recorded as 1080p 25fps and rendered out at 720p for upload to vimeo. Editing is carried out using Adobe Premier on a quad-core BoXX Workstation with the following export settings.

Resolution 1280 x 720p
Frame Rate 25fps
Profile High 4.1
Encoding VBR 2 Pass
Average Bit Rate 4MBps
Max Bit Rate 5MBps
Audio Codec AAC, 128KBps, 44.1Khz

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